Welcome to Atelier 8

Atelier 8

The Atelier 8 dream

During the winter of 2018-2019, Katelijn (katelijnvanacker.be) and I built our own studio in our garden. We are so grateful that our dream has become a reality, and now we have a working space of about 40m2 available to us.

Why Atelier 8?

  • Atelier means ‘studio’
  • Our house is at number 8
  • The number 8 symbolises infinity
  • There is an infinite amount of creativity going on in Atelier 8
  • And creativity heals the soul and feeds the spirit

What happens in Atelier 8?

  • Workshops that we lead ourselves
  • Workshops led by guest teachers
  • Our own creative work

Come and enjoy Atelier 8
Atelier 8 is painted with Lascaux Resonance®.
This paint is solvent-free and bioactive.
It tends to bring people into harmony with their surroundings.


An activity in Atelier 8?
We like inviting creative people to our studio.
If you would like to arrange your own activity day in our studio, send us an e-mail:

Katelijn: katelijn.vanacker@gmail.com
Phil: philpaints.coucke@gmail.com


See you soon 🙂